December High Five Award Winners

We would like to recognize our MBAEA High Five Award winners for December 2021. The effort, dedication, and insights of these staff are appreciated and invaluable to the success of our organization…Thank you!

Staff member Ann Craig

Ann Craig

Ann Craig - Focus Area Consultant
Ann has single-handedly kept our TLCs support system up and moving and supporting multiple LEAs this Fall.  Her expertise in instructional practices and coaching is bar-none!




Staff member Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson - Administrative Assistant
Anna works tirelessly on behalf of AEA Driver Education for almost 2000 customers and 40 teachers. This year, we are implementing a new online format for students, which Anna has played a significant role in!



Staff member Anne Williams

Anne Williams - Occupational Therapist
Anne works hard in providing occupational therapy for all of her students in schools and within the home environment. Anne always has a smile to share with her peers and those that she comes across in her day-to-day work.



Staff members Kristy and Will

Kristy Smith & Will Wallach - Communication Assistants
Kristy & Will are the best at working with students and SLPs.  They make speech therapy special and exciting for students. Kristy & Will are fantastic professionals and MBAEA is so lucky to have them in the Speech Department. Thanks for all you do Kristy & Will!



Staff member Melissa Tolle

Melissa Tolle

Melissa Tolle - Physical Therapist
Melissa is dedicated to working with students to provide access to their educational setting. She also does a great job of coaching with her peers and the families that she serves in her birth to three assignments.