MBAEA Wellbeing Team

With the intention of increasing efforts to establish an environment where everyone feels safe and supported, the Mississippi Bend AEA (MBAEA) formed a Wellbeing Team. The primary focus of this team is to create opportunities to experience a meaningful sense of appreciation, belonging, and connection between MBAEA staff, educators, students, and families. Doing this can significantly increase positive daily experiences, and conditions in the learning environment.  The team will do this by providing more opportunities for collaboration and discussions to become more aware of specific SEBH data being collected. Then, MBAEA can provide coaching through the analysis of this data and a determined action plan. The team will work to establish foundational consensus and commitment towards a common language and shared beliefs of SEBH services, supports, and expectations across all our districts in order to positively shift the conditions for learning data for all students.

Keep an eye out for more information and SEBH resources from our Wellbeing Team:

Carol Aden staff picture
Carol Aden

Melissa Barrett

Sarah Bergthold

Kim Engelstad

David Ford

Christine Gradert

Lachelle Guy

Lindsey Hall

Michelle Jacobsen

Jennifer Jansen

Ben Layer

Stephanie Lindmark

Lindsey Schneider 

Jennifer Smith

Nick Swanson

Ginna Wilkinson