Have you checked out the DE’s dyslexia webpage?

The Department of Education's new dyslexia webpage is full of resources for educators, who are at the front lines in determining whether a child has characteristics of dyslexia and what kind of instruction is needed to address the learning challenges. Take a look at all the dyslexia resources available on the new webpage.


The Vision
Every student in Iowa will attend a school where educators understand what dyslexia is and provide explicit, systematic reading instruction as both a part of universal instruction and in specialized interventions, and where every student has access to appropriate accommodations and assistive technology to support learning.

DE Guidance to support the vision:

  • Priority 1: Develop guidance, tools and resources to help educators understand how the term “dyslexia” can be used in Iowa schools and how to partner with families about concerns around dyslexia.

  • Priority 2: Develop guidance, tools and resources for informal diagnostic assessment for students at risk for reading difficulties. Such assessments would be used to inform intervention including dyslexia specific interventions for students with dyslexia/characteristics of dyslexia.

  • Priority 3: Develop guidance, tools and resources that detail the elements of explicit and systematic literacy instruction for students with dyslexia/characteristics of dyslexia. Read What is Structured Literacy? from the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

Guidance for Schools
Required:  The following educational personnel are required to complete the IRRC Dyslexia Overview Module by 7/1/2024 or within one year of employment after 7/1/2024.

  • Any person employed by an AEA who holds a license, certificate, statement of recognition or authorization other than coaching.

  • School district personnel with the following endorsements:

    • PK-K teacher, prekindergarten-kindergarten classroom (103)

    • PK-K early childhood special education (262)

    • Elementary special education (260; 263; 264)

    • Prekindergarten through grade 3 (100; 106)

    • Birth-grade 3 inclusive settings (1001)

    • Dyslexia specialist (1761)

    • English as a second language (104)

  • School district practitioners and paraprofessionals assigned as:

    • Title I teachers (102; 148; 176)

    • Title I paraprofessionals under ESSA