“Numeracy Project” course starting February 1st

In collaboration with the Mississippi Bend AEA Math team, we invite you to learn more about your role in MTSS and the use of The Numeracy Project materials to guide instruction for Tier 2 and Tier 3 mathematics interventions. This course includes opportunities to engage in learning around K-8 math screeners, diagnostic assessments, intervention activities, and progress monitoring. In addition to learning about these materials, participants will spend time administering the assessments, planning and delivering appropriate intervention activities, progress monitoring students, and analyzing data to monitor student performance. Each participant or building team will meet with an AEA Math Consultant three times throughout this course to reflect on the learning and collaborate on potential next steps. This learning opportunity is intended for K-8 general education and special education teachers who provide Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 math interventions for students.

As you dive into the modules of the Numeracy Project, there is a whole module dedicated to learning about the strategy stages students go through. The Numeracy Project is a great way to increase our adult understanding of the phases of mathematical reasoning students move through allowing us to better support our students' development.

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