Central DeWitt Start Student

MBAEA Educational Consultant, Deb Meyne, started working with Alyvia when she was in fourth grade when Alyvia was introduced to assistive technology (AT) tools to help her read and write. She quickly learned how to use AT and how to advocate for accommodations that she needed to be successful.

Alyvia is now a senior, getting ready to graduate in May. She reached out to Deb to inquire about what AT accommodations may look like in the post-secondary setting and is trying some new tools. Alyvia was accepted to attend EICC through their ACCESS program and plans to become a sign language interpreter.

Through a combination of embracing AT all those years ago, and her hard work and dedication, she has been able to do some great things academically. She has demonstrated proficiency on ISASP tests since 8th grade, is currently working towards obtaining her CNA, and works part-time. She is an excellent example of how AT can overcome barriers and does not let her reading/writing disability limit her in any way!

She is truly a rock star!!!