Hard Work Pays Off for Bettendorf Student

Bjorn has made significant progress this school year.  After finishing winter FAST testing, his reading went from a composite 35 to 53 and his math score went from 56 to 74, putting him at or above benchmark for both. This is compared to his producing minimal academic work the prior year due to behavior. Bjorn's speech output has been a lot clearer, making gains on his speech goals, and is much easier to understand.  Last monitoring period, Bjorn's percent refusal time periods of the school day was at 9%; meeting his goal for the first time! His percent physical behaviors were at 3% last week and continue in a downward trend; the direction we want! Bjorn has gone from a full day in a self-contained classroom, to a least restrictive environment of only 20 minutes daily (for social skills lessons) and two breaks (am and pm) in the self-contained classroom. He has become a role model student for hallway behavior and likes to put a bubble in his mouth and remind others (even adults!) not to talk in the hallway.