Two Clinton students make a great team!

Clinton MBAEA star student

Kadynce and Londyn are great friends to each other and to other learners in their school. They constantly try to ensure that everyone feels included and that no one gets left out. They each do a great job of explaining their hearing differences to their friends and school staff who work with them. Kadynce and Londyn know what they need to succeed in the classroom and feel comfortable speaking up when they need something. They are fantastic self-advocates. They are also great users of their hearing assistive technology and jump right in to troubleshoot if something isn't working. Kaydnce and Londyn help each other problem-solve when communication breakdowns occur or when difficult listening situations arise at school. They are both extremely hard workers, and always put forth their best effort. They are terrific role models for our younger deaf and hard of hearing learners. Kadynce and Londyn encourage each other to reach their goals. They have high expectations for themselves and know they can achieve anything they put their minds to!