Central DeWitt student doing awesome things for himself and his peers

We'd like to recognize Brayden for his initiative to grow personally and to help his classmates. Brayon has had an excellent 8th-grade year getting his work done independently, and on time and also using his class and resource time wisely. When the middle school students go to AIM in the high school level 3 classroom Brayden interacts with and plays games with students that have significant special needs. He never gets frustrated or upset when working with them. Brayden is also very helpful with a particular student in his history class and with another student in the behavior classroom, being very patient with them, helping them learn new material, explaining assignments to them, and going over examples with them. Brayden is additionally very helpful in the special education classroom. If the classroom store needs to be restocked, he will let the teacher know, volunteer to do the restocking, and make sure everything is organized. We are so proud of everything Brayden does for himself, for others, for his classroom, and for the school.

Star Student Braydon