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Mississippi Bend AEA provides a wide variety of instructional tools and resources for teachers and students supporting high-quality teaching and learning.

MBAEA OneClick

Save Instruction Time With Single Sign-On!
MBAEA OneClickYou can make the login process easier and more secure and save valuable instruction time when you give teachers and students single sign-on access to critical instructional resources with MBAEA OneClick!

Easy to implement, this resource gives teachers and students across the state consistent single sign-on access to digital resources and systems provided by Iowa’s AEAs. Managed entirely by Iowa AEAs, MBAEA OneClick (powered by ClassLink) is also a low-maintenance solution for school administrators—no on-site district management is required to use this high-impact resource.

Demand is high to fit as much instruction time into the school day as possible. Discover how single sign-on can ensure students spend their class time learning, not struggling to log into and use digital tools. With easy access to digital resources, educators regain lost instruction time and bell-to-bell learning becomes a reality.

What Can You Access?
Through MBAEA OneClick, teachers and students use one password to securely access systems such as:

  • AEA Digital Resources
  • AEA Professional Learning Registration System
  • AEA Scout
  •  Student Personalized Learning System
  • Clearinghouse for Work-based Learning

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Want to Know More?
This tutorial will show you how your district could implement MBAEA OneClick.

How Do I Get MBAEA OneClick for My District?
For more information on how to get your district set up with MBAEA OneClick, complete this AEA OneClick District Set-up Request form.

Book of the Month Clubs

As a means of supporting classroom teachers to provide a print-rich environment, the MBAEA Media Center developed the “Book of the Month” program. Twenty-five nonfiction and fiction books are randomly selected and delivered for use in the classroom each month. This program is not available for in-home use.

For the PreK-6 book of the month, please fill out this PreK-6 Book Form.

Have questions? Contact us at 563-344-6231 or email

CogAT Testing Materials

Please contact Riverside Publishing to order answer sheets, manuals, scoring, and reporting materials. Phone:(800) 323-9540 or Fax: (630) 467-7192.

You may book CogAT testing materials in our Insignia Library System.

For more information see our CogAT page.

Copyright Resources

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies have created an extensive, easy-to-use resource to help students and teachers understand copyright laws and the associated rights and responsibilities as users of copyrighted information.

Two versions of Copyright BriefNotes are available to support students and teachers in virtual and physical classrooms. You are welcome to link to your school website or LMS.

Professional Learning around copyright for Teachers

Digital Resources

The AEA Digital Resources is a virtual library that provides no-cost access to 21 high-quality, web-based resources. Contact us at or 563-344-6231 for login support. Please provide your district and home-building information. 

Pear Deck logoPear Deck is a communication platform available to all district teachers to create interactive assessments and presentations that students follow from personal devices. It is used in conjunction with Google slides and PowerPoint and assists teachers with designing engaging learning experiences and embedding formative assessments. It integrates with existing tools including both Google and Microsoft applications. For further information see this Pear Deck document!

Media Catalog

Our Insignia Library System provides a modern interface, has enhanced searching abilities, and includes a single sign-on option for Google and Microsoft users. Insignia also provides a customizable interface that includes links to the AEA Digital Resources.

Instructions on logging in for the first time

Instructions on how to book an item

Professional materials assist teachers in the research and implementation of content standards. The PreK-12 Collection provides a variety of print and non-print materials used by students.

To view specialty resources you may not be aware of, see this Resource Page!

We value your feedback! You may fill out this Media Request Form if you have a recommendation for purchase.

Media Contacts

Inquiries regarding: Contact:
General Questions Media Staff: Lacy Christner, Amy Noble, Donita Remy, Katlyn Taylor
Online Resources
Digital Citizenship
Heather Whitman, Focus Area Consultant
Video Editing Derek Casillas, Data Management Specialist

Media Mission

We cultivate partnerships with educational stakeholders, allowing the opportunity to share our resources within an updated model that supports teaching and learning. Through these relationships, the media department gathers feedback for future purchasing decisions and professional development opportunities that mutually benefit all parties involved.

We consistently provide updates on professional development, resources, and supplies through our website, newsletter, email, and social media in order to support teaching and learning.

Our department strives to offer current, relevant, and vetted resources to support the inquiry process that enhances curricular and professional development needs. In order to keep pace with a constantly evolving technological landscape, our department promotes critical thinking, technology, and digital literacy skills to empower learners as well as provide expertise in identifying and utilizing appropriate and credible resources. We investigate and implement new and emerging technologies to find creative solutions to keep pace with needs and trends.

Our core services are structured to personalize the learning process for educators and students as they set and achieve goals. Our focus on student success allows learners to confidently apply themselves while pursuing a variety of options after secondary education.

Our department provides professional development centered around media resources to support social and emotional well-being and offers diverse literature encouraging personal connections.

Media Newsletter

Fill out this Newsletter Subscription Form and receive updates on new media items, digital resources, upcoming events and more!

Previous newsletters

Production Services

Production services are located in the media center and are available to the public by walk-in.

Equipment can be used free of charge; however, there are charges for consumable items, such as lamination and paper. Teachers are welcome to bring their own paper and spiral binders or purchase materials at the media center.  

Production Pricing

Please email or call at 563-344-6231 if you have any questions.

Professional Materials

Professional materials assist educators with the research and implementation of content standards. Educators have access to a wide array of professional print titles on our AEA Media Catalog and to peer-reviewed journals, articles, and other professional content through Gale.

Need help to find what you are looking for? Please fill out this Professional Title Request form if you have a recommendation for purchase, or contact us at or 563-344-6231 for additional support.

STEM/STEAM Materials

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. These areas make up a large portion of the skills employers will be looking for as 21st-century students graduate and enter the work field. Help them succeed with these great resources!

Robotics and Interactives
As technology advances, coding has become a necessary skill for modern students, and robotics experience is an excellent way to develop students’ knowledge for technical careers. We offer Lego materials, robotics/STEM kits, and digital resources. Contact us at or 563-344-6231 with inquiries.

Our portable planetarium offers hands-on, engaging learning experiences. The inflatable dome is specially designed to display projected lights and can easily accommodate 25. For more information see our Starlab Page

If you have questions regarding our STEM resources, please contact the Media Center at 563-344-6231 or email us at

Van Schedule

AEAs provide regular van delivery service to public districts and accredited non-public schools. This service is integral to the AEAs mission to improve student achievement. 

2022-23 Van Delivery Schedule

If weather impacts delivery, make-up days will be considered on an individual basis. Changes in the delivery schedule include the following- 

    • Delivery is scheduled for the Friday before Labor Day, Martin Luther King, Presidents’ Day, and Memorial Day.
    • The van delivery schedule includes dates when the agency is closed, as there is no delivery service on those days.
    • There is a separate van delivery schedule during the summer.   

On occasion, external organizations make a request for their materials to be distributed through an agency’s van delivery service. Guidelines and procedures have been established to determine eligibility. We intend to ensure standardization and efficiencies for staff handling items to be distributed, privacy for teachers and schools, compliance with U.S Postal regulations, and compliance with Iowa Code. 

All requests for delivery of materials must be entered in this request form. 

If you have any questions about van delivery, please contact Denise Zimmer at 563-344-6320 or 1-800-947-2329 x6320.