Media Resources

Agricultural Education
Bovine Kits (Breeder AI Simulator, Calf Simulator, Cow Hoof, Injection Kit)
Swine Breeder Kit

Electronic Equipment (Projector, Camera, Portable Speakers Microphones)
Green Screen Kit
Playaways (pre-loaded audiobook)

Early Childhood
Early Childhood

Family And Consumer Science
RealCare Babies (Choking Baby, Rescue Baby CPR, Special Needs, Shaken Baby Simulator)
Empathy Belly (Pregnancy Simulator)

Social Studies
Animal Kits (Furs, Skulls, Animal Track Replicas from a variety of animals)
Period Adult Clothing Kits (Crusader, Civil War, Colonial, Medieval, Lewis and Clark)

3D Printer
Electrophoresis Kit (The study of cells and their components used in DNA testing.)
Medication Skills Observation Kit
Star Lab (The StarLab system is a portable teaching environment.)
Welding Simulators