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Iowa Core

The vision for the Iowa Core is to ensure the success of each and every student by providing a world-class curriculum. The Iowa Core is designed to improve student achievement of all students, preparing them for the world of work and lifelong learning. It identifies the essential content and instruction that all students must experience.

School districts that implement the Iowa Core with integrity increase the likelihood that all students become lifelong learners, productive adults and engaged citizens. The improvement efforts are designed to yield positive results by enabling schools to prepare students to graduate with the 21st century skills and competencies needed to be successful in post-high school endeavors and the world of work. The website is

Mark Bloom
District Support Administrator
(Serves Andrew, Bellevue, Bennett, Cal-Wheat, Camanche, Delwood, DeWitt, and Easton Valley Community School Districts)

Diane Campbell
District Support Administrator Lead
(Serves Columbus, and Davenport Community School Districts)

Alicia Christiansen
District Support Administrator
(Serves Bettendorf, Durant, Maquoketa, and Wilton Community School Districts)

Patrick Judkins
District Support Administrator
(Serves Northeast, and Pleasant Valley Community School Districts)

Courtney Olsen
District Support Administrator Lead
(Serves Davenport, and Muscatine Community School Districts)

Aaron Roome
Well Being Coordinator
(Serves North Scott Community School District)

Lorry Wilson
District Support Administrator
(Serves Clinton, Louisa-Muscatine, and West Liberty Community School Districts)