Assistive Technology Loan Library (ATLL)

The Assistive Technology Loan Library (ATLL) was first developed in 1994 and has been supported in growth through the Mississippi Bend AEA (MBAEA) and through contributions from Scott County Regional Authority and the Riverboat Development Authority.

The ATLL provides short-term device loans to students (0-21) within MBAEA with IFSP, IEP, 504 Plans, Solution-Focused Intervention Plans or other considerations for the need for accommodations and adaptive equipment.

Loans are provided on a short term basis (usually 2-4 weeks depending on the device) to provide students with:

  1. A trial period to determine device appropriateness and
  2. Short-term backup for a broken device (dependent upon device availability).

Some devices are available for checkout through this website (see links below) and others are available by contacting the Assistive Technology Team, MBAEA.

Access the ATLL Here

When Your Device Arrives
When your device arrives, please check the listing of items that were included in the box with your device. A listing of these items is available in the box.

Device Returns
The devices in this loan library are used by many, many students each year. When you receive the device, please record the due date. Please consult the van schedule to return the device by the due date.

All devices should be returned in the original packaging. Please check the listing of items that were included with your device when packaging the device for return to the ATLL. It is important to return all materials in the original box using the blue shipping label (to Sally Christophersen). If there is a problem with the device, please complete the blue form located in the box.

If you have questions, concerns or problems with a device during the trial period, please contact the Assistive Technology Team as soon as possible.